SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate.

Just posting this. No time today. SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate. You have a tracking device in your pocket Companies are now selling the ability to track your phone number whereever you go. With a precision of up to 50 meters, detailed movement profiles can be compiled by somebody from the other side of the world without you ever knowing about it. But that is just … Read more

Inside Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg

The story of the NSA listening post – told by an ex-SIGINT analyst who worked there. Once upon a time, or during the Cold War, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) built a man-made mountain of rubble over the top of an underground Nazi technical college in Berlin. This massive hill was called Devil’s Mountain, or Teufelsberg in German. It was on Devil’s Mountain where the … Read more

Merry Christmas

by Adrian I. M. (surride)

This is the season of being together. It’s a time of hope and new beginnings. May the sweet magic of Christmas, fills your heart with love, that spreads to those whom you love. Take a look around and remember the magic and the joy of christmas may the essence of Christmas remains always with u. Share the glory, the wonder, the miracle of christmas with those … Read more

Blizzard is on a quest. The Fate is up to you – Choose your Destiny

Ever thought of applying for one of the positions that Blizzard has listed on their jobs page? You’re not alone. I’d actually go as far as saying that most people playing World of Warcraft, StarCraft or Diablo have at one point given it a thought. Jobs at Blizzard are notoriously difficult to find because Blizzard is one of the most respected companies in the games industry. … Read more

Open letter to the gaming community

It hasn’t exactly been a great time to be a gamer lately—except for huge, gross gaming trolls, who seem to be having a blast taunting people, making threats, and generally being the worst. But those trolls are now the target of an open letter from the gaming community’s creators to its fans, asking them to end intolerance for the good of everyone. Open letter to … Read more

Lords of the Fallen – World Trailer

The dark and mysterious world of Lords of the Fallen awaits you. Become Harkyn, a convicted outcast from society and now.. humanity’s best hope of defeating a demonic invasion. Introducing the game soundtrack by the award winning composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen Release: October 28th in Americas, October 31st EMEA Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Social Media Guard

Oh snap, I shit you not – I’m in particullary need of the social media guard. I do not leave the home without my smartphone nor I enter my bed without smartphone it – silently it’s waiting for new orders on my bed table, waking me up or trying to break my sleep… Do you leave your home without smartphone? Alerady interacting with early in … Read more

Gabe Newell: Valve, VAC and trust

For a game like Counter-Strike, there will be thousands of cheats created, several hundred of which will be actively in use at any given time. There will be around ten to twenty groups trying to make money selling cheats. We don’t usually talk about VAC (our counter-hacking hacks), because it creates more opportunities for cheaters to attack the system (through writing code or social engineering). … Read more

Ken Levine announced sudden shutdown of Irrational Games

:O IDKAMWTS! A Message From Ken Levine When Jon Chey, Rob Fermier and I founded Irrational Games seventeen years ago, our mission was to make visually unique worlds and populate them with singular characters. We built Rapture and Columbia, the Von Braun and The Rickenbacker, the Freedom Fortress and some of the nastiest basements a SWAT team ever set foot into.  We created Booker and … Read more

The end of soon-ish is near!

We did it. To be precise you did it.

End of the dawn. Returning from the darkness. The time has come, welcome to maintenance and server moving. At the end of february we are going to replace this blog step by step. First we move all stuff to a new server including all other domains and some projects. We need more space and did I already mentioned more space and more performance? So far we are preparing everything to move.

Expect for this blog. It’s about 3 years ago that I have posted somehow reliable on a daily base. As I said this will change – yes I said this quite often and nothing so far happened – and I made quite a good progress over the last three weeks.

Now ←————– Very Soon ——– Soon ——– Soon-ish —————→ End of Time

Now we are at very soon to now. Not tomorrow! At last very soowish! That’s great don’t you think so?

After we moved everything around for the project pages and my other domains we are going to replenish this blog. Finally I have some awesome studs and gurls in the portfolio who will help me and blog with to give you a good time.

Craig. Melli and 2 TBA ppl. Maybe there will be another one. A dear friend who is writing short storys and working on his own book. Follow this link and read a short story. Should you be intersted in more go for his book. Sadly but it’s only in German language available.

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a very f** merry x-mas :-)

*we WISH you all the best for x-mas and the new years eve! finally all updates are done and will be released soon-ish after new year. we will expect a smooth rollout of the new site and we hope you will enjoy the board. did we also mentioned that the comments are available again? expect great things… soonish! 🙂 -craig -jan -lars -melli Oh.. the … Read more