Blizzard is on a quest. The Fate is up to you – Choose your Destiny

Ever thought of applying for one of the positions that Blizzard has listed on their jobs page? You’re not alone. I’d actually go as far as saying that most people playing World of Warcraft, StarCraft or Diablo have at one point given it a thought. Jobs at Blizzard are notoriously difficult to find because Blizzard is one of the most respected companies in the games industry. World of Warcraft boasts over 7 millions subscribers that have at this point been playing for close to a decade, which might arguably make it the …

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Cosplay 2013 – NO BlizzCON COVER :(

Sorry! The BlizzCon 2013 coverage will be lost forever between space and time. I can’t bring the post back to life and there is no way for me to get the data back. At least enjoy the cosplay video from the blizzcon 2013. Thanks for your patiences and understanding. @bubblechew301 – No. Absolutely not, i don’t aprove any sort of comment section anymore. There will be no possible way to write your comment. If someone have feedback, criticism or just chitchat – E-Mail / contact form.

Link Summary #01

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Deathwing just made Arthas look like a bitch

Here is the new World of Warcraft – Cataclsym cinematic intro. The video is not quite popular yet, published one minute ago. Also the cinematic is one of the best CGs in the world and the best Blizzard ever made. This video is my personal favorite and I hope you like it too. Below the video I have announced a few greetings. Sam, I love it. Rage, Craig and Leanzcho, don’t forget the true about rage – we wil lbe burning for the sake of Deathwing. Neltharion, finally your art …

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