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  • BigBrotherAwards 2016 – Livestream (German)

    The event will be all in German, but we will be providing live English interpretation here on the page. To follow the gala in English, start the video player above, mute its sound and play the English audio from the extra player below. If the audio player won’t start, please reload this page. Watch the BigBrotherAwards 2016 here – The stream will be live from 17:45 local time (15:45 UTC). Rena Tangens & padeluun Digitalcourage e.V., Sönke Hilbrans Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz e.V., Frank Rosengart Chaos Computer Club e.V., Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde, Dr. …

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  • CNIL issued formal notice to FACEBOOK for use of data transfer based on Safe Habor

    The Chair of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) issued formal notice to FACEBOOK to fairly collect data concerning the browsing activity of Internet users who do not have a FACEBOOK account. FACEBOOK must also provide account holders with the means to object to the compiling of their data for advertising purposes. Decision no. 2016-007 of january 26, 2016 issuing formal notice to FACEBOOK INC. and FACEBOOK IRELAND Europe’s highest court struck down Safe Harbor in October after reviewing Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrem’s case against Ireland’s …

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  • Social Media Guard

    Oh snap, I shit you not – I’m in particullary need of the social media guard. I do not leave the home without my smartphone nor I enter my bed without smartphone it – silently it’s waiting for new orders on my bed table, waking me up or trying to break my sleep… Do you leave your home without smartphone? Alerady interacting with early in the morning, not even finnished breakfast? Get yourself a SMC now! How does the Social Media Guard works? Take control of your life back and …

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