Hey folks. I’m performing some maintenance at the moment and restoring the blog back. Someone (myself) dropped the database on their way out for apparently no reason at all. I’ll be back at the end of the week!

In the time being – enjoy the nice Tear-Down of the EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 by GamersNexus.

OH! Bethesda announced the Creation Club. Paid MODS right? Nope. That’s not true. Checkout the FAQ here. Yes. I actually look forward to see great things. I would say their entire BI / SCM and PR fucked up in communicating and presenting this new vision Curated Mods.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Design
EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 PCB, VRM, & Tear-Down (Image / Video courtesy of GamersNexus)

Nom nom nom…

literally eating breakfast – waiting for the coffee and preparing some page updates for NordBuch e.V… removing unnecessary plugins and write my own version, tweaked for the site. Also working on the css/java delivery, minimizing css/java and webp integration. Btw. good morning and have a nice day! #07:20 – my vpn port is down, wah. #07:34 – vpn working again – did you turn it … Read more

Long Live Play “Michael” – SONY #2

Lately I got a few questions per e-mail regarding the Long Live Play “Michael” Campaign by SONY. First off all – I’m not authorized to re-upload behind the scenes content or any related content from the project created by deutsch (Mullen Lowe Group). If you search the internet it is possible to find editing material and or content from the creation process. I deleted the obsolete … Read more

Half Letter Format: You Got Mail

I received a newsletter/notification as classical mail, that’s what I found inside. Where is the rest? How on earth… fml. Update: You know, it’s disturbing to think that someone might haven open your mail. This did not happen in the printing / bag process. It must happend afterwards. A printing machine doesn’t tore paper like this…

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Embedded Video Player Test – WebM/MP4 – And Overwatch

Hi folks. I need to prepare some stuff for a resume and other content. So here we go… just a simple test for the embedded video player with some ‘PotG’ Overwatch. Working right? Nice support Ares! Crazy stuff. Alternative Source: YouTube   HTML5 (Oh blimey! ffs.. get working… wee working!) / Flash (kill it with fire… java too…) Chrome – Safari – Firefox 47 – VIVALDI – … Read more

Laugengebäck Makes My Heart Go Aflutter!

Today I had some really delicious chocolate cookies and Laugengebäck (juicy and crusty, incredibly lusty). The awesomeness made me go aflutter and I remembered a (music) video “Baby Got Laugengebäck” production by Jan Böhmermann – NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE. Let’s share happiness everyone and get yourself some perfectly tanned, yet elegant Laugengebäck! Jan Böhmerman is a German comedian and television / media entertainer, works also as comedy … Read more

CNIL issued formal notice to FACEBOOK for use of data transfer based on Safe Habor

The Chair of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) issued formal notice to FACEBOOK to fairly collect data concerning the browsing activity of Internet users who do not have a FACEBOOK account. FACEBOOK must also provide account holders with the means to object to the compiling of their data for advertising purposes. Decision no. 2016-007 of january 26, 2016 issuing formal notice … Read more

Website and `The Road Most Travelled´ Trailer

Layout and site still broken. I’m currently busy getting everything to work, sorry for the mess. Missing posts and content will be up again next week. Now take a break and watch this: A short preview of the journey ahead, featuring clips from the very first quest to travel to the town of Balmora from Seyda Neen, and all the exploration to be had on … Read more

GDC 2015: Designing Morally Difficult Characters, Responsibly

Aw shot. This year the GDC host some really interesting and valuable lectures and talks and I can’t afford the time.  There are so many interesting things this year I could not even decide of what I should see and what not. Especially the lecture by Dan Nagler about ‘Designing Morally Difficult Characters, Responsibly’ is interesting. Designing Morally Difficult Characters, Responsibly by Dan Nagler This … Read more