Ken Levine filmed at a BAFTA Q&A

Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games, talks “From Shodan, to Big Daddy, to Elizabeth: The Evolution of AI Companions with Simon Parkin. This discussion also features an audience Q&A about various topics and of course BioShock Infinite, sequel to the 2007 BAFTA-winning BioShock (‘From Shodan, to Big Daddy, to Elizabeth: The Evolution of AI Companions’)

CryENGINE 3 Presentation at Crytek *Update

Update 04. February 2013: CryENGINE 3 SDK 3.4.4 Trailer Sean Tracy is showing off some nice things in CryENGINE 3 that you can also find in the upcoming game Crysis 3. Features ranging from liquid reflections, lighting behavior, and cinematic effects to volume fog and pixel-accurate displacement mapping are all demonstrated by Tracy in real-time using Crysis 3′s level-editing software.

TES V (CK) Project “Kyrah”

We are far from actually working on the project and creating the stuff itself. We have to setup the stage. This includes the world, story, features, quests and most of all we have to meddle with the Creation Kit. The Creation Kit is not as simple as the name sounds but still amazing. So far we are working on the quests, models and features. Yes, you are able to climb ladders with fancy animations and stuff like that. We have not even announced the game or working on actual world …

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Mike Pondsmith talking about CP2077

City lights, fog, strangers passing by… Watch Mike Pondsmith the creator of the pen-and-paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020® and learn about his inspirations for creating a dystopian metropolis of Night City. Original score for a behind the scenes interview on the creation of Cyberpunk 2077. – Checkout the behind the scene article on  

Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

CYBERPUNK 2077 – next, after The Witcher & The Witcher 2, project created jointly by CD Projekt RED and Platige Image. This teaser trailer is the first announcement of the game, based on the system of Cyberpunk 2020 – American RPG written by Mike Pondsmith in the 90’s.   PS: “42” – Official Trailer – check this too!  

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. You are Corvo, the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is besieged by plague and ruled by a corrupt government armed with strange technologies, dark forces bestow supernatural abilities upon you. In Dishonored, creatively eliminate your targets with the flexible combat system as you combine supernatural abilities with weapons and gadgets …

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PS3 Tech. / KARA

Eyjup. Today I want to share this video below with u. “Kara” technology demo by Quantic Dream, the creators of Heavy Rain. The recorded material is running on the actual PS3 and is about NEXT GEN. emotions, behaivor and facial expression/animation. This is not actual GAME footage and won’t be part of any game footage. It’s a great tech demo and cinematic piece, but that doesn’t mean it wil be any good as game. As soon as the player takes over control the entire setting changes. Emotions might not get …

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This blog is currently under maintenance, moving to another place… looking for content, having fun while working on new project and working as low cost unit, haha, fat chanche… There is not much content avaible at the moment. No gallary, resume, project files, media stuff. Don’t panic. I’ll fix everything. From post pictures to project files. PS: My last presentation. Gamedesign – Character Creation /CHARACTERDESIGN_FINAL/PDF

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty Stands for everything we believe in, Stands strong when something peril happens, Holds the torch to light the way. Stands for liberty, Wears a crown, Stands high, Stands tall and strong to show that this is her land, Shows truth and honesty, The Statue of Liberty. Sketch Jan / Text by Erica

TES – Oblivion, a beautiful world.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is one of the most overrated games of all time. The original, unmodded Oblivion was, without a doubt, nothing out of the ordinary and should never have achieved the level of praise that it did – although I can understand how some people might have gotten entangled within the hype. Not only was the plot unoriginal and predictable, but the very game seemed rather humorous and one-sided. Oblivion was not a “bad” game, but neither was it a “good” one – and certainly not a …

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Welcome to Nano World (Stephen Fry)

Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The strange world of nanoscience – it can take you into atoms and beyond the stars. Actually we have the topic genetic in our class (genetics essentials). To create a better learning enviroment for my self I created a subpage on my blog “RASA” (secondary school certificate) to access every necessary informations. After some research about …

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DotA 2 – VALVE und IceFrog

Die Gerüchteküche findet ein Ende, DotA 2 (Defender of the Acients) wurde angekündet. VALVE hatte vor mehreren Wochen die Namensrechte an DOTA erworben und somit für weitere Spekulationen um DOTA 2 gesorgt. Entwickelt wird das Spiel bei VALVE zusammen mit IceFrog. Durch die Popularität von DotA-Allstars sind Heroes of Newerth und League of Legends entstanden, zwei eigenständige Spiele die das Spielprinzip von DotA-Allstars verfolgen. Als direkten Nachfolger von DotA lässt sich lediglich HoN nennen, mit einer besseren Online-Plattform und eine bessere Grafik. League of Legends bietet Interessante Helden, jedoch hinkt …

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