Welcome to Nano World (Stephen Fry)

Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The strange world of nanoscience – it can take you into atoms and beyond the stars.

Actually we have the topic genetic in our class (genetics essentials). To create a better learning enviroment for my self I created a subpage on my blog “RASA” (secondary school certificate) to access every necessary informations. After some research about genetics I found an interesting video about nanoscience, narrated by Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry is not only an awesome writer, actor and comedian, also known for numerous charity efforts.

The Video will give you a short, but deep overview about nanoscience and how nano structures works. It’s worthwhile to watch the video.

What’s going on at home? I’ve catched myself a cold and have to sit alone at home. I’m a bit glad, finally I found some time to watch all the videos from RSA and TED on my list, on  the other hand I missed our biology genetic test yesterday.

What I have to do next week?

  • Finnish the 3ds max 2011 surface tutorial.
  • Finally finnish my new blog theme.
  • I have to make a wise decision: Do I want to achieve my A-Level or work abroad?
  • Sacred 2 I&B: I have to reach level 20 with my high elf inferno mage. Yeah, level 20. Why doesn’t a day have 48 hours?
  • Blog Entry: Vision of the future of ingame-graphics
  • Get some flames out against Riot (League of Legends), Visceral (DeadSpace 2). Also I want to say something about the BioWare DragonAge Series. I’m not quite happy with the current situation.

Update 1: Long announced flames -Round 1 Intro

Okay, just for the ceremonial formal greeting. Skype conversation. With wich one should I start. I already wrote two sites about Dead Space 2, they gained everywhere flames, do I really have to punish them more?

Yes, I have to! They already announced DeadSpace 3.Wait? Do they wait until they have gathered the feedback and critism? No, they don’t. Just do something more awesome. Let us announce something. DEAD SPACE 3! If Visceral already had learned something from DEAD SPACE 1, they wouldn’t do the same shit over and over again? If you didn’t already have watched the “Zero Punctuation – Dead Space 2” episode – Do it now!

Also I asked a friend in Skype what I should do first. Skype conversation are fine. Just a short Riot Games flame from draco:

“The blog service is currently not avaible. Please wait in the line.”

“While you’re waiting, check out our new heroes. There we have Xin Sau I, II, Triple”