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  • League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn – Behind the Scenes

    League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn – Behind the Scenes

    Riot Games has posted a seven-minute making-of for yesterday’s YouTube-devouring League of Legends: A New Dawn cinematic: Watch the full cinematic here.

  • Caldera & League of Legends Lulu Art Spot

    This will be the last post till site relaunch….

  • League of Legends: Another wonderful Random-Match

    Lately I’m playing  League of Legends again. LoL is fine to have fun, shed tears or rage. Just turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. You’re doing well, your team too – wait your team too? Lies, as usual. That’s the point why u can’t play League of Legends random. Today I enjoyed a nice match – till a point I realize – 2 of your team-mates sucks more than someone can ever imagine. Why’re there such players who’re allowed to play this game? Schnuppelius – 6/20/14 Stats – …

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  • DotA 2 – VALVE und IceFrog

    Die Gerüchteküche findet ein Ende, DotA 2 (Defender of the Acients) wurde angekündet. VALVE hatte vor mehreren Wochen die Namensrechte an DOTA erworben und somit für weitere Spekulationen um DOTA 2 gesorgt. Entwickelt wird das Spiel bei VALVE zusammen mit IceFrog. Durch die Popularität von DotA-Allstars sind Heroes of Newerth und League of Legends entstanden, zwei eigenständige Spiele die das Spielprinzip von DotA-Allstars verfolgen. Als direkten Nachfolger von DotA lässt sich lediglich HoN nennen, mit einer besseren Online-Plattform und eine bessere Grafik. League of Legends bietet Interessante Helden, jedoch hinkt …

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  • League of Legends – Season One

    Finally RIOT Games announced the official start of League of Legends – Season 1 with an Cinematic Trailer. League of Legends based on the Warcraft 3 Mod Defense of the Acients and created by the origin Autor of DotA. The Season 1 Cinematic is an impressive and stunning CG for League of Legends. The Character design and animation looks awesome. Season 1 brings Ranked Matches into the game. The new comptetitive ladder is also announced with an money-filled tournament. The best Players of season one at the top of the …

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