E3 2013, Kickstarter & Link Compilation #3

E3 Announcements, Films & Video Games Command & Conquer™ | “Welcome Back, General” E3 2013 Need for Speed Rivals | Cops Vs Racer Trailer Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 2013 Battlefield 4 – Lars Gustavsson Pre-E3 Interview Battlefield 4: Official “Angry Sea” Single Player Gameplay Video Battlefield 4: Official “Siege of Shanghai” Multiplayer Trailer Battlefield 4: Official Commander Mode Trailer Mirror’s Edge – E3 2013 Titanfall: Official E3 Announce Trailer Dark Souls II – Go Beyond Death (E3 2013) Thief – Garrett the Master Thief – E3 2013 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow …

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Link Summary #01

“Barely legal” – Apple löscht ungefragt iClound-E-Mails Have A Nice Day! # Kito Featuring Reija Lee – Sweet Talk Last Express on iOS – Jordan Mechner recalls the making of a masterpiece Game of Thrones – Season 3 – Revenge Trailer Gekommen, um zu bleiben ExoHand – human-machine interaction What If…….Wild Animals Ate Fast Food World of Warcraft – Addiction IRL