Nom nom nom…

literally eating breakfast – waiting for the coffee and preparing some page updates for NordBuch e.V… removing unnecessary plugins and write my own version, tweaked for the site. Also working on the css/java delivery, minimizing css/java and webp integration. Btw. good morning and have a nice day!

#07:20 – my vpn port is down, wah.

#07:34 – vpn working again – did you turn it of and on again – works in almost all cases.

#09:31 – oh nice idea, could do that. coffee monday, i’m totally in!

#11:45 – 4,50 EUR +0,40 EUR +9,76% (current market price) I thought about to buy some shares just to drop them again. well the rate could be better… :/

#12:01 – oh I don’t know colb, it’s monday and i’m hyped – tho not sure why bro. the sun is clearing the sky. have some music and enjoy the day^^

#13:06 – a certain someone is not amused… “laeuft (läuft)” .. yeah looks ok, someone here who want to gift us a new phone? : D


# 14:55 – ah gawd. laughing more than I should…