League of Legends: Another wonderful Random-Match

Lately I’m playing  League of Legends again. LoL is fine to have fun, shed tears or rage. Just turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. You’re doing well, your team too – wait your team too? Lies, as usual. That’s the point why u can’t play League of Legends random.

Today I enjoyed a nice match – till a point I realize – 2 of your team-mates sucks more than someone can ever imagine. Why’re there such players who’re allowed to play this game?

Schnuppelius – 6/20/14 Stats – 1 Doran, 3 Bloodthirster, 1 BF Sword, 1 Magic Pen Boots (Patch, Won: 475 – Left: 161 – WTF!

Thank you Schnuppelius for another match – but also thanks to Nocturne, I forget his name…