League of Legends – Season One

Finally RIOT Games announced the official start of League of Legends – Season 1 with an Cinematic Trailer. League of Legends based on the Warcraft 3 Mod Defense of the Acients and created by the origin Autor of DotA. The Season 1 Cinematic is an impressive and stunning CG for League of Legends. The Character design and animation looks awesome.

Season 1 brings Ranked Matches into the game. The new comptetitive ladder is also announced with an money-filled tournament. The best Players of season one at the top of the ladder will have the chanche to enter the Season One finals. If you’re prepared the World Cyber Games LoL tournament finals will awaiting you with an price of $100.000

Also if the above posted video reach over 1.000.000 views on YouTube, RIOT Games will double the EP for the weekend.