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  • GDC Talks – Modular Level Design of Skyrim & Iterative Level Design Process

    A few people asked me and on YouTube where you can find the GDC Transcript / Video about Modular Level Design of Skyrim (2013) and Iterative Level Design Process (2014) (Video). The videos are available online in the GDC Vault for free, a subscription is not required. If you don’t have a subscription to the GDC Vault ask someone in your company who has access to videos with the requirement of a subscriptions. This talk is a in-depth exploration of how level design work is planned and executed at Bethesda. “The process is designed very specifically around …

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  • TESO: Thanks for One Million Likes

  • How Skyrim could look in the future

    This is how Skyrim could possibly look in the future – stay a while and rest your bleeding eyes. This is how Skyrim (not only Skyrim) could look in the near-future.  Looking for more? See all the beautiful images of Skyrims at Unreal’s blog, A State of Trance.