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  • I’m Feeling Happy – Welcome Spring

    Do you feel the vibe of happiness? Have you noticed how you and others around you feel happier? A certain spring in your step? That’s right, it’s spring time! I’m feeling happy, you feel happy, everyone feels happy! The sun is out. Currently working on some projects for myself and NordBuch e.V. while listening to music and feeling happy to get some stuff done! I can’t wait for what is coming this year. Hai Hai! (O_o)/) Spring-Hype-Train! Now enjoy some music and smile. Share your smile for someone you don’t …

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  • You Got Me Head Over Heels – Love You Sun

    To wake up – going out for a walk – find yourself on the roof and taking a nap – great day – pure relief.

  • I’m addicted…

    Auf der Terasse sitzen mit einem Cafe, zur linken Hand ‘Business Punk’, Premium Tag – beste wo gibt!