The Design of Everyday Things & Link Summary #04

Just finished reading “The Design of Everyday Things” again – this book will get you to think about your everyday interfaces and the things in your environment – elevators, machines, doors, gadgets, locks, software interfaces, etc. A classic book which offers endless amount of amusement if you’re thinking twice about things you will find in there. Adopt the principles and apply them equally well to API structuring, game design, software UI and usability of things who are used everyday. Get the book here and apply it in your production process …

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Flash Flood For Good

We’re all part of the ripple effect to give kids around the world clean water. The#FlashFloodForGood is on! Please click to learn more and donate

Every $10 Donation Raised During Flash Flood For Good Will Provide Clean Drinking Water For A Child for One Year in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Rwanda

Cause Swarm is a community driven platform devoted to creating maximum social impact by harnessing talent and technology to rally people around important causes that deserve immediate attention. In order to address some of the greatest challenges of our time we create initiatives that inspire people to act, then enable them to do so seamlessly, by combining best practices with best providers. This solutions oriented approach activates and enables the grass tops, the grass roots, and everything in between, all to elevate the human condition. Visit

Flash Flood For Good is one of Cause Swarm’s customized products (“branded swarm”) developed to raise awareness and donations for clean water around the world. The first Flash Flood For Good will be unleashed at the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC on September 24, 2013, and will run for 72 hours during the course of the summit. Visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.