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  • Bulletstorm Soundtrack – Download

    Bulletstorm Soundtrack – Download

    Epic allows you to download the Bulletstorm soundtrack – 24 tracks with dramatic background music. Follow this link and get your free soundtrack. 56 minutes of music – composed by Michal Cielecki and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz. Thank you Epic – for being Epic! You have never played Bulletstorm before? No problem, just listen to this soundtrack and enjoy it.

  • Duty Calls – Yes! No! Yes! Nooo! Of course blablah!

    EA & Epic Games making some fun about Call of Duty and promote their own product Bulletstorm. Das Spiel ‘The Duty Calls’ kann hier heruntergeladen (750 MB) werden, Der Shooter ist nur knappe fünf Minuten lang, überzeugt jedoch mit Humor. VIA