PS3 Tech. / KARA

Eyjup. Today I want to share this video below with u. “Kara” technology demo by Quantic Dream, the creators of Heavy Rain. The recorded material is running on the actual PS3 and is about NEXT GEN. emotions, behaivor and facial expression/animation. This is not actual GAME footage and won’t be part of any game footage. It’s a great tech demo and cinematic piece, but that doesn’t mean it wil be any good as game. As soon as the player takes over control the entire setting changes. Emotions might not get … Read more

Fotoshop by Adobé

This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty. Follow on It’s a humorous response to how the beauty industry has distorted our society’s perception of beauty through ubiquitous Photoshopping. The video may or may not be work safe, depending on where you work.

3ds Max 2012 – The Beast Inside

Article/Video will follow tonight. 3ds Max 2012 is a BEAST – you can’t compare it to ‘2011 or 2010 – it destroys both versions. To compare them would not even be fair or diplomatic. Everyone of us knows the big issues with 3ds Max 2011/2010 in every single aspect of performance – yeah, you guessed right … there is no performance. Open a model and convert the mesh to editable poly – yeah, that’s a huge load of shit, 3ds Max’ trying to be funny. Go and get yourself a … Read more