3ds Max 2012 – The Beast Inside

Article/Video will follow tonight.

3ds Max 2012 is a BEAST – you can’t compare it to ‘2011 or 2010 – it destroys both versions. To compare them would not even be fair or diplomatic.

Everyone of us knows the big issues with 3ds Max 2011/2010 in every single aspect of performance – yeah, you guessed right … there is no performance. Open a model and convert the mesh to editable poly – yeah, that’s a huge load of shit, 3ds Max’ trying to be funny. Go and get yourself a coffee or something like that… Make sure to get 3ds Max 2012 and never ever install or touch anything called “3ds Max 2011”.

Reviewed features in this article/video:

  • Nitrous Graphics
  • iray Renderer
  • Substance Procedural Textures
  • MRigids Rigid-Body Dynamics
  • Enhanced UVW Unwrapping
  • Vector Displacement Map Support
  • Sculpting and Painting Enchancements
  • UI Enhancements
  • Caddy Imrpovements