HSC III: EPIC EVENT IS EPIC – LiquidHuk beat’em all!

Kevin 'rotterdam' van der Kooi (left) and Dennis 'Take' Gehlen on the right.


Tomorrow (today) I’ll write a little coverage about the first day of the epic HSC III event, till that I keep posting pictures. Except more than more than 500 pictures just for day one. Firstly I’m starting with the pictures by fragster.de, checkout for TL stuff on their site.

Update 27.06.2011

Woah! Life sucks eh? No it’s sucks not even if you have a lot to do. Finally you can find on fragster.de all pictures from the great HSC III tournament. I’ll write about the HSC III event this week, for sure! If you had not enough time, missed the HSC III don’t be afraid. You just missed an epic event but there will be soon some VoD on TaKeTV.net. Did I already mentioned that Dennis? Thank you very much, also everyone else who was there and involved and all fans and viewers on the stream.

Carlo, get well soon, otherwise we can’t smile! 🙂

In weniger als vier Tagen startet der HomeStory Cup III. Die TaKeTV-Homepage ist jetzt online. Alle wichtigen Informationen über und um den HomeStory Cup findet Ihr dort.

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