Portal 2

Awww, there are you my delicious and moist cake! Sorry, this week will be filled with a lot of stuff to do – playing Portal 2, studying for examination. Finally next week IMHO Post!

I found a really nice overview by Ben Reeves, anyway – play it!

Valve caught us all a little off guard with the original Portal, but the game’s clever gameplay and dark humor sent the franchise in the meme stratosphere. While jumping through portals is no longer as novel as it once was, Valve keeps the series fresh by introducing a mix of new mechanics. Portal 2’s puzzles are more varied thanks to the fact that you can send lasers, tractor beams, and energy walkways through your portals, and I absolutely loved how the gels affected the world around me. The game’s simple, portal-based mechanics are so addictive that you’ll probably catch yourself placing imaginary portals all over your house. Thankfully these mechanics never feel overdone and neither does the game’s humor; I would often hang around completed puzzles just to see how the game’s ambient dialogue would progress. Playing co-op changes the game quite a bit, as having two sets of portals allows Valve to craft a unique set of challenges that are often more mentally stimulating that anything in single player. It doesn’t matter which order you play them in, but make sure you experience both modes. Portal 2 isn’t just one of the best games of the year – it’s two of them.

I’m making a note here: Games aren’t Art, They’re Architecture. That’s not truth or wrong. They’re both. Our imagination of endless worlds.

Final Note: Pre-Preperations for The Last Express finnished.