Minecraft – My World of “Mindcraft” (Hyrules Castle)

I like to show you a few progress screenshot from my current project in Minecraft.

Sup! I would like to show you something about my minecraft projekt “Hyrules Castle”. First i was thinking about to create a Zelda Castle but i couldnt find the right size. Now “its Hryules Castle, a Castle with an Citadell, Maze, Underground Dungeon and a huge tunnel system. The Castle (and the other stuff too) is in progress. Yet is quite nothign really finished, but look for your self.

Burning Dragon Minecraft Server: http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=e5b53fad088941f5ad8898c66081cd78

PS: It seems there is an bug with the commentary function. Dont even think about it! I will not approve any comments. Since 2 years without flamewars are such a great feeling…