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  • Kurzgesagt: Our Space In A Nutshell

    AHH! I missed two videos by Kurzgesagt. NOOOOOOO! AH. Oh wait! It’s available on youtube and not static TV. If you do not know what Kurzgesagt “in a nutshell” is – start the playlist and learn something about our universe – simple and short videos yet elegant and beautiful. Kurzgesagt (German for „in a nutshell“) is a youtube channel and design studio with a distinctive perspective on design and animation within the fields of education, science and commerce. In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt is creating Science Animation Videos. It’s fun to extend your knowledge …

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  • Xbox One: Invitation

    Update 28.10.2013: We will contact the winners shortly-ish! Make sure to check your emails! This is an invitation to a new generation. Where your games and entertainment are no longer separated, but together in one. This is an invitation from the all-in-one, Xbox One. Jump ahead. You like to play your games with friends? Already waiting for the Next-Generation XBOX? Get your invitation here and play with us some games on the brand new XBOX ONE! Click here and get your invitation! (Germany, Austria ONLY!) Watch the trailer above and …

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