Let’s write some history.

Yeah, that’s right. Another video –  again – and also this week I’ve no time. Sorry guys see you next week. Watch the video and enjoy it. That’s the answer behind the site findmakarov.com! You will love this project. Mindfuck.

Update 1: On PCGAMER you can find a editorial about ‘Mainstream games’, “How mainstream games butchered themselves and why it’s my fault“. The Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz (Bulletstorm) read the editorial and respond to him. This one is very interesting to get a better look behind game developing.

Example: enter a room. Kill enemies. The exit door now has an arrow saying “go there”. “DICK” PLAYERS: Fuck you, you don’t tell me where to go, I want to discover it myself. THE REST OF THE WORLD: Thanks, I lost my orientation fighting all these dudes, and you saved me some time – I don’t need to test every door now.

See what I’m saying here?

Bulletstorm’s creative director responds to our ‘Mainstream games’ editorial

Update 2: I have a new announcement for you guys, tares.biz my new domain for my personal blog. Also I’m currently working on my new layout and theme for wordpress. The new design… Well, I’m actually a bit lazy! Maybe next week! The coming update will also include all old articels, posts, comments, tutorials and videos. Yeah right, you can post again… but you have to be registered and all comments will be moderated.