Tares Castle 2.0

Thank you guys for watching my ‘Minecraft‘ clip on ‘YouTube‘. I never played this game before and this is my first building I made. I decided to make a castle, like the Hyrule castle from Zelda – Ocarina of Time but ended with something else. I recieved amount of feedback during the video and creative process. First of all, thank you all for the mails. I have also to announce a statement for the little 4chan trolls: “This is the final triforce? New fags can’t triforce!” “Yeah right, NOT! Beware of placeholder… NOOEEES MORE PLACEHOLDER OVER THERE and THOSE DAMN TUNNELS! NOOEEES! Okay, really – I like crying trolls and all of your over twohundred mails…

This weekend I found a little hours to spent it for Minecraft (Game of the Year – All Time!). I though about a new idea and concept of the project. I started to build up the new idea in my mind. Let see what will happen. The right side will also be wiped out!


Current progress…