We are far from actually working on the project and creating the stuff itself. We have to setup the stage. This includes the world, story, features, quests and most of all we have to meddle with the Creation Kit. The Creation Kit is not as simple as the name sounds but still amazing. So far we are working on the quests, models and features. Yes, you are able to climb ladders with fancy animations and stuff like that. We have not even announced the game or working on actual world content in “Kyrah”. We are just testing stuff, trying to find the right setting for the world. We are aiming at around 150 hours of playtime.

The release date is far beyond the horizon, before that you can expect Enderal to be released. Enderal comes from the makers of Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge. If you don’t know what Nehrim is you have now time to reduce the time to wait! Start your STEAM or grab the old disc and install Oblivion. Nehrim offers you about 100 hours of new content. Download Nehrim – The game comes with an entirely new, discrete world that has nothing to do with Tamriel and the TES-Universe: Its own story and classical RPG gameplay and exploration. One of the greatest features is the synchronization with no less than 56 professional voice actors! Nehrim is free. All you need is a copy of TES IV: Oblivion. Enderal – The Shards of Order is the sequel of Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge.

After the release of “Enderal – The Shards of Order” we are talking again about the release date! PS: We yet don’t even know the final title for our project. Without title no announcement and now fancy webpage. There are a few things which I can spare: A complete new world, outside the TES Universe, Story- and RPG focus, Dark Fantasy World (The Witcher, Gothic) and the possibility of voice acting. We are a small team of 14 people, which might grow stronger. We don’t have yet a public place for community or interested people. Everything so far is not public, the forum too! We are actually looking for someone who is experience in sound design. Send us your application via mail.

Please keep in mind that the content u can see here might be change. This content may not be available in the game. This page exits only to inform the necessary people who are involved or already know something about Kyrah. We do this because we want to create something and having fun to do so. We are not paid by anyone, don’t expect us to work faster because u want this new game. 😉


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